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We have been in business for about 12 years now. Everyone dreams of going fishing! We have made our dreams a reality.  From swampy ground, to a vision of, "if you build it they will come", and come you have. We have met a lot of people and have returning patrons to our business. So to all those who have come to fish and learned to fish here, we say Thank you.

This year we will be adding venues to our catch out facility. They will be exciting! We are going to offer our patrons Garden Fresh Vegetables (when available) , Smoking Woods-including Apple which we use for our own smoked trout., Hickory, Maple, Cherry, and Alder.  These will be packed in chunks and chips in 10 pound bags.  All these items will be for sale at the fish building.

We are located in Scaly Mountain,NC and stock with rainbow trout. Nothing is better than stopping by and fishing for a very fresh dinner that you catch yourself.  If you would like fresh fish for dinner and don't want to catch your own you can call ahead and we will have them ready to go packed on ice for you.

Also our famous Apple Smoked Trout, that many of you ask for all the time, will be smoking in the smokehouse.

Again, Thank you for your patronage over the years, hope to see you all back this year. Hope that new patrons find our website helpful, and we want you to come and fish with us.

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SMT Charter Fishing
Whats New? We have added Charter Fishing and Sightseeing Tours! Multiple Boats Available  Downriggers Catch the big Lake Trout. After fishing enjoy the waterfalls and swimming. 
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Blue Heaven Basset
Wahalla SC
Flo is from Blue Heaven Basset in Wahalla SC
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